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Cast of Characters

Zelda "Witchy" Johnston

Zelda a/k/a MOM
Zelda is a suburban housewife, who struggles with parenting, dieting, housework, and everything else in the real world.  Yes, she is a witch, but she says doing things by magic takes just as long as doing it the non-magical way, and is far less satisfying.   Zelda wears her "witchy' garb all the time because not only is it traditional, but black is slimming.

Bill Johnston

Zeldaa/k/a DAD
Dad has been married to Witchy for a LOOOooOOnnng time.  He is very patient and supportive with all the crazy things she tries and never says, "I told you so."  At least, he doesn't say it very often.   Bill loves being a husband and father, and is often the voice of reason in the chaos of his household.   Outside the home, he works as a video game designer.

Bryan Johnston

a/k/a The Boy

Bryan is a 14 year old kid who loves to read books, play video games and see how much he can get away with under Witchy's nose. 

Louise Johnston

a/k/a The Girl

Louise is 10 years old and loves crafts, animals and helping Mom.  She has a quick mind and often surprises her family and friends with her insightful observations.

Abner and Gladys

abnera/k/a The Dogs

They spend their time trying to understand the antics of their people.  In general, they aren't too bright.  There is a lot to be said for unconditional love, though, and these two give that in abundance.

Tina "Toothfairy" Finster

Tina Finster
a/k/a The Friend
Tina (or "TF" or "Teef") has been Zelda's friend since childhood.  She is very sensible and has a great ability to be calm in emergencies.  It often falls to Tina to help Witchy get out of the situations they fall iino together.  Outside of being a part of the Johnston family, Tina works as the town's local toothfairy.